Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A Lil' About Granny

Hello All!

I  can't believe I am going to start blogging (I never even knew what a "blog" was until yesterday)! I just can't hold back any longer.

Ever since my Grandson turned me on to Auction Ohio online auctions, I have been having the "grandest" time.

One day Jimmy, my beloved grandson, brought over this thing called a laptop. He showed me how to turn it on, signed me up for a Google email, and got me registered at Auction Ohio. Within seconds, I got my FIRST e-mail! Auction Ohio emailed me my very own bidder number! (Boy, they must have a lot of bidders on this site because the number is long!) Any who, he showed me ALL the stuff I can bid on RIGHT FROM MY HOME - and I can do it any time of the day - they don't even care if I wear clothes while I do it! (I did hear, however that they DO CARE that I come dressed to the pick-ups).

"Well I'll be!", you would not believe the things I am bidding on... They have everything I could ever want & need on what seems like hundreds of auctions they have listed on their site. I can bid on:

Collectibles I've been searching for my whole life,
Sterling Silver to finally match my incomplete set,
Everyday Household Items that are useful to keep in the kitchen & around the home,
Appliances - small & large; finally got myself a microwave - boy, those things are nifty!
Furniture (like I need more, however I just can't resist the beautiful pieces they have listed),
Toys for the great grandchildren,
& so much more! My Grandson is trying to talk me into buying an antique car!

Some of my auction buys have lead to some really fun adventures! This brings me back to why I wanted to start a blog... I just have to share some of the interesting & neat items I have found on Auction Ohio's online auctions.

Stay tuned as I write about my latest purchases... We are gonna have the grandest time together!